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customized journeys

I hold your dream as you reach for it

Do you have a goal in life that just seems too hard to reach? Talk to me. With just 8 One-on-One sessions and a personalized Mission Plan, your Customized Journey will bring you where you want to be. After more than 5 years of intense work with people of very diverse ages, backgrounds, and personalities, I can guarantee that the life you want is way closer than you think. That is the level of focus, sensitivity, and ethical commitment I bring to my work. 

the customized journey philosophy

I treat each individual that decides to work with me as a universe on their own. I look at that universe, I listen to it, then I share what I see. And I never judge. No matter how overconfident or insecure you might feel, how far or close you might be from your desired goal, I will never judge you. I believe that nobody that is going through a transition should be ever judged. It is wrong. And it is highly impractical.  


The only thing I ask after I listen to a client for the first time, is: do you really want to change this aspect of your life? Do you really want to start this new path, this new way of life? And if they answer is yes, as it usually is, then I share what I envision.  And I what I then share is a shortcut to their most balanced, strongest self. This shortcut takes the shape of a personal itinerary, a Customized Journey, as I like to call it.

  • 8 One-on-One Sessions

  • Mission Plan

  • Personalized Services


Explore personal and professional paths that resonate with you

Incorporate healthy habits to make your mission sustainable

Help you reevaluate your priorities in life

Deal effectively with blockage, self-doubt, or lack of motivation

Craft a powerful message and share your voice with the world

Your Customized Journey is composed with an intense focus on what I see that makes each specific man, each concrete woman the strongest. And, in most cases, what makes us strong is also what makes us special. It is actually possible to bring what is special about you to other aspects of your life. And that is one of the things that I do.  


Each Customized Journey contains 8 one-on-one sessions, a mission plan, and a full set of personalized exclusive services. The objectives and requests of my clients vary a lot from person to person. Some need a stronger sense of control over their life, others need grounding for their new professional or personal phase. Occasionally, I am also asked to help more than one member of the same family.


Individual programs always start with this 8-sessions Customized Journey package. Work normally expands into 1 or 2 months and sessions tend to begin bi-weekly to then move into a weekly rhythm. Clients who have completed their Journey are invited to join our Continuity Plan, which offers a special rate for bundles, individual sessions, and referrals. 


My Customized Journeys are tailored-suited to fit your specific needs. So, whether you need to discover your life mission or move forward with it, I will help you get on the right track, at your own pace, and make sure that you feel at your best in the process.

  • One 120-minute session

  • Gain perspective

  • Start moving forward


For those that are exploring the idea of working with me and need a fast eye-opening experience, I recommend them to book a Breakthrough Call.  This intensive one-on-one session will address what is bothering you and help, and provide you tips to start gaining perspective on the things that make your life meaningful.  

I want to make people feel at their best in the shortest time possible. And I want this upgrade to be sustainable over time. So whenever I draft a Journey, the specific work that we are doing is always connected to the development of healthy habits. If you are going through a life transition of any kind, you need to be at your most resourceful. So I also always point out potential obstacles and drawbacks, general and specific to each person’s case. It is quite simple, low blows cannot knock us out when we see them coming.

At the start, I thought every professional in the field did the same. But in my conversations with clients, I have come to realize that is not always the case. My philosophy, my practice, and the experience of working with me are very different, it seems. I often find it easier to let the words of my clients speak for me when it comes to talking about what I do. 

Why I choose to help people daily


Abroad Programs Coordinator

"I discovered Ernesto's Customized Journeys at a time in which I found myself rebuilding my identity from the ground up. Unlike other self-improvement programs, it does not aim to criticize, judge, or alter one’s daily routine.


Rather, it draws nuanced attention to the elements that encompass one’s routine, inspiring self-awareness, while simultaneously preparing one’s self to enter confidently into unfamiliar terrains." 


Secretary to the Mayor 

“I first came to Ernesto with an increasing sense of loss of authority at work that was mining my self-esteem. I thought this came from personal traits I had never solved in my youth, which were now exploding in the workplace. 


Your current problems do not come from your past, I remember he said smiling. In just a few sessions he proved it. All my doubts and insecurities at work disappeared, and this self-assurance really communicated into the rest of my life”

Over the last years, I have worked closely with entrepreneurs, lawyers, philanthropists, Government officials, and academics, among others. My clients always end up bringing new interesting people. And on a few occasions, I went to develop customized programs for Highschool students whose parents had previously worked with me.  

People come to me with different requests. They are also at different stages of their life. Some might need a stronger sense of control over their life, others are jumping into a new professional or personal phase. Most of my customized programs are concentrated on a period of 1-3 months, with a weekly or bi-weekly session, depending on the case.

My whole life has made me face many personal, professional, existential, emotional transitions, and life-changing situations. That set the ground for my first-hand understanding of the difficult moments we all go through. On most occasions, I came out the other side successfully, and the tools and solutions I found in each one of these transitions are at the core of what I share with my clients. 


University Professor

“As a trained psychologist and physical therapist, I was in awe at how Dr. Estrella was able to distill his scholarly training into very practical tools for everyday life issues. He inspired me to use my own academic knowledge in creative ways to communicate efficiently beyond my accustomed circle.


You might not even realize it unless you have studied the sources, and he will not bore you with academic jargon, but his method truly crystallizes the most powerful discoveries made in fields such as mindfulness, art therapy, and psychology, among others.”

In brief, as I looked back a couple of years ago into the work done, I came to the realization that I had developed my own holistic method. I also saw that it was extremely effective to serve people that were undergoing any kind of transition in their lives. 


I know it well. Excitement and adrenaline kick in when we are entering a new phase, be it individual or shared. But there is also stress, disorientation, doubts, in these periods. Sometimes we even lack the power to jump and undertake them. Other times change just comes to our lives unannounced. But in all those cases, it is possible to prepare for these transitions, to balance new and old life, to heal the wounds, and to enter into our new phase with an expansive strong spirit. 


Life Coach for Musicians

"It was an absolute pleasure working with Ernesto. He takes an empathetic approach to his coaching and is extremely knowledgeable about all facets of starting a coaching business, from coaching methods to marketing strategies. I'm especially grateful to him for helping me to hone in on my niche, which proved to not be an easy feat.

I am forever grateful to Ernesto and Nomadic School for helping me find direction in my business and overall life. I recommend anyone and everyone to work with them - you're guaranteed clarity and results. Thanks, Ernesto!"

From my own experience and that gained through my clients, I have come to realize that transitions are a way more delicate process than we tend to think. We do not always feel well while change is happening. We are in the middle of a thousand other things, for life never stops. We will feel exhausted, uninspired, we will even feel ugly when we really are not. That is why I say that you can never judge somebody that is going through a transition


What you do, what I do, when I create a Customized Journey for you, is to provide stepping stones, anchor healthy habits in daily life, re-assure them in their decisions, and bring into their present snapshots, vivid scenarios of their future life is going to be like. The practices, principles, and tools combine physical, mental, and emotional preparation. They are gradually incorporated into your daily routines and busy schedules. Their effect on your wellbeing and general sense of health is quite immediate. But everything that you learn during your time with me, stays with you. In many ways, my Journeys are a permanent gift that you will start using in all kinds of life situations. 


But I do not just give gifts away. I also receive them. As I said before, each individual is, for me, its own universe. I approach each opportunity to serve with the keenest sensitivity, respect, and a 100% real interest. 


As I often say, I hold your dream while you are working on it. But the dream starts to work by itself soon. And nothing gives me more satisfaction than hearing back from clients as they move on with their lives. They all keep me updated and our conversations sometimes touch on some of the topics that were at the center of our work together.