Conversations with my clients


Some months ago, our Marketing person suggested to us the idea of creating a nice booklet compiling a selection of Conversations with my Clients. I keep in touch with everybody that has ever worked with me, so these update talks actually happen often. They are casual, fun, and informative. And now, thanks to the generosity of those that agreed to share a few fragments of these talks, I can showcase them here and give you a glimpse of what it feels when you work at the one-on-one level with me.

The conversations vary in tone, but I am often orbiting around 3 simple questions that really make me curious:
What brought you to me? What surprised you from our sessions? Where are you now in your life?



Sales and Marketing Director at Leqto

You mentioned you had never looked for this kind of service. And seeing you as a young but super solid and secure entrepreneur, it makes sense. What made you change, think that it was not a waste of time and money?


Your life story. It is quite wild. II ran into one of your interviews, I think the one on the Huffington Post*  where you talked about going beyond your academic & artistic careers. And I was like what? Yale professor, poet, musician. Just one of those would satisfy most people. I immediately identified with that desire to go beyond and push things even further. And when I met you in Athens I saw that it was all real as fuck. 


Haha. Well, you were still in your senior year in college when we met and already running one of the most successful educational platforms in France. I told you when we started working. You are an overachiever.  


Yes, but I lost balance, the core was not right. And you were hinting at this at some point. I did not see it coming. But when burnout hit, I had no doubts. I waited for 2 weeks, tried to fix things myself. Then I called you. It was November and Paris was gray and shitty. Not fun times. 


Yeah. I can tell you now. Your tone and some of the things you said in our discovery talk really worried me.


Well, at the moment I still was not sure this whole coaching thing would work. I did not even know what was a discovery call haha. And just 15 minutes into it I DID discover that the source of my problem was somewhere very different than what I had thought. I am still laughing when I remember when you told me: Jacques, do they teach tightrope walking at Paris Biz School? And that drawing of me walking basically in the air. You said I was living with almost no ground around me. That hit strong.


And I did believe it. I knew you would recover. But it was a fragile situation. Good, I do not hear that tense tone in your voice anymore. Now, is there anything that surprised you from our sessions?


Zero psychology. Zero therapy. Or, better said, you do use the tools of psychology and therapy but in a very different way.  So I did not feel you were digging into my past life, which would have made me uncomfortable right away. And still, I ended sharing some things with you that I do not think I have ever told anybody. They might be silly and small, but they proved very revealing.  Also, there were a lot of laughs in our sessions. A lot of humor.


Yes. It is important to keep things light and bring fresh air into these topics, especially when the person is feeling heavy about sharing them. Humor also allows me to let the person laugh, smile, and rest a little from the story they might be telling me. 


Oh, that is interesting. I never thought about humor in that sense... 

* I do talk about my own life transitions and career changes in that Huffington Post piece, but Jacques was actually referring to my showcase interview at the EU Cultural Platform, CROWD.



Corporate Lawyer, Writer

Is there something you were expecting to find in our sessions, good or bad, that did not come up?


Oh, yeah, I was not going to take any of that alpha life-coach attitude I have seen sometimes, both in men AND in woman. I find that so paleolithic. Tony Robbins is fun, but I have sued people for raising their voice to me in court, not even mention screaming. 


Haha. Oh, but Tony is such a sweetheart. But yes, I get what you mean. I like him, but yes, that is a pretty harsh approach that sometimes misses the sensitivity needed to really plant change in some people. It will work for certain individuals though. 


Oh yes, my friend Christine worked with him, not sure if it was an individual session or a group thing. She is the banker from California. Didn’t you meet her at her New York office?


Oh yes, very nice lady. We did do a couple of sessions. She was travelling a lot at th time. Anyway, where are you now in your life? How are things going?


Well, my first novel will come out at the end of the year. I have basically managed to transition into living as a writer full time, so no court and late-night diligences for rowdy businessmen. I am training boxing 3 times a week. And oh, and the relationship I sometimes mentioned in our sessions finished some 3 months ago. I actually just moved to my new apartment last week!


Waw. This is some change there, hehe. In just 6 months. You know, the amazing American actor, Paul Newman, who was at the Actors Studio, along with Marlon Brando, James Dean, etc. once said in an interview that the Actors Studio should either take the credit or the blame for his work on films. From all your achievements, is there any credit or blame I should take?


I looooove Paul Newman! Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, oh my God. Haha. You have all the blame and all the credit probably, hehe. But really I think it is now that I am really starting to understand what you were giving me in those sessions. The change was immediate, and I felt it after the first session even. But really the effect I still feel today. 


How many sessions did we do?




Well, this makes me happy. Do I get a mention in the novel?


Hehe, I will think about it. I can call Ernesto one of the soldiers in the novel! Or rename the female protagonist Estrella.


Haha. No need. Listen. I know you had previously worked with many kinds of therapists, psychologists, healers, etc. And I already told you back then that that had less to do with needing help than with an extreme sense of curiosity and desire of knowledge. But well, what was different in working with me?


Everything. You said it at the start: I am not interested in the root of your problem, I want to find the source of your solution. I have never heard that approach, but it worked. Just in the first few weeks, I felt I was getting back a sense of control over my life that had been lost for way too long. I told you, it felt strange at the start. Strange to have so much power. And then I started to enjoy it. And felt I had finally the ground and quietness to take the decisions that have brought me where I am now. 


Yes, I remember how even your body language changed at some point after a couple of sessions. You had a tough one, honestly. 


Yes, and you were sensitive but also adamant about the points that needed to be corrected if any change was going to happen. Also, once I signed up for your intensive program you were always available for small consultations. This was very important at the start. And, really, I have spent so much money on people and things that I thought could help me feel calmer, and they never really worked. Yours is the best investment I ever made. I am getting dividends from it as we are talking! Getting richer every day! And you know I am the female Warren Buffet! 


HAHA. Well yes, I see some resemblance. Well, really happy with the expansive effect of our weeks together.