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You are about to embark on a journey into The Map of Your Traps, the most powerful wellbeing toolkit of the 2020s! Over the course of 7 days, you will learn how to avoid the practical mistakes that are making your life difficult and regain the energy, confidence and calm that you have been missing. 

How it works

NOV. 14: The program starts at 12pm (EST) with our online seminar  (check your e-mail for your invitation). If you can't join us live don't worry! The full seminar video will be available here the next day. 

NOV. 15 - NOV. 19:  Your Member's Area goes live! Starting with the Mind Trap, every day we will unlock new resources and materials relating to each one of the traps. Scroll down and click on any trap to see!

NOV. 20: The program ends with a Live Q&A on the Nomadic School of the Senses' official Instagram, where you will be able to share your questions and comments with the Map of Your Traps community.

the map of your traps


mind trap

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bad mood trap

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First wake up, then start thinking

The mind trap

The bad mood trap

Do you ever wake up feeling already tired, looking at all the things you have to do and wondering how are you gonna make it through the day? The Mind Trap keeps you from actually getting things done and makes you lose energy since the moment you wake up. 

Can a single piece of bad news spoil your mood for the whole day?  There is a reason why you are not enjoying fully the life, people and opportunities that surround you. The Bad Mood Trap is making it hard for you to recover from daily setbacks and disappointments.

Bad mood today is bad health tomorrow

the tomorrow trap

Stop postponing your happiness

Do you make time every day for the things that really matter to you? Are you still waiting for the right moment to focus on what makes your life meaningful? This is the Tomorrow Trap, the one that is making you postpone your happiness every day.

the so lonely trap

Choose who you are in touch with

the information trap

Don't cheat yourself out of sleep

Do you often give your time and energy to people who don't really want the best for you? We should stop giving space to those who make us feel lesser and weaker. This is the So Lonely Trap, and it is making you vulnerable to toxic people.

Often the things we think make us rest don't really make us rest. How much of that watching, scrolling, online chatting is keeping you awake at night? The Information Trap is the last trap of the day, and it is responsible for making you lose hours of sleep every day. 

FEEL STRONGER every morning

FEEL CALM when you go to sleep

FEEL READY to face the future

EMBRACE LIFE with full intensity

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