how we work with you

The structure of our program is quite simple. The week starts with a 60-minute Online Seminar where we introduce The Map of Your Traps. Then you can access our Interactive Members Area, where every day you will find new materials and practices related to each trap. We wrap up the program on the seventh day with a final Livestream Q&A in which we will evaluate how the week went for all participants. AND, as part of the package, you get a Guided Meditation called Sleep Today, Win Tomorrow.


Online Seminar

The program starts with an online seminar conducted by our Director, Ernesto Estrella. Here, we will introduce the Map of Your Traps' philosophy and practices and answer questions from participants. If you can't join us live, don't worry! Full video of the seminar will be available the next day in our Interactive Members' area. 

The program then continues in our Interactive Members' Area, your "playground" for the next five days. Every day, you will unlock new resources and materials related to each one of the traps. Why not give it all at once? Because The Map of Your Traps is not something you read and forget about. We want you to take your time and actually practice what we tell you.  

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Members Area

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Guided Meditation

Sleep Today, Win Tomorrow, is an exclusive Guided Meditation exclusive Guided Meditation created by our Director and voice expert Ernesto Estrella which will be available to participants by the end of the program. This powerful audio resource will ensure that you sleep deeply and wake up refreshed in the days and months to come.   

We wrap up the program on the seventh day with a Live Q&A, hosted on our official Instagram page, where we evaluate the results of the program. This live event will be accesible to everybody, but of course your questions and comments will have preference over those by people who haven't yet joined the program. 


Live Q&A