Have you felt the warning of our times?

If you're living in the world today, you have received a warning. A reminder of how fragile our lives are. Of how little of what we think is ours actually is. These are strange times, and wherever we look for answers, we keep hearing the same vague messages: "be afraid", "be patient", be positive"... Neither of those is going to work. This transition is way too serious. We need to regain agency and come to terms with these challenging times.

We got the warning. And now we need to act. The events of 2020 have left us naked, but they have also given many of us a new sense of urgency. We know that the life we want to live, the society we want to have, cannot wait any longer. We can't be late to our lives anymore.

But are we ready to move on?

Have you noticed how...

Everything you do takes 10 times more energy than before?

Setbacks and disappointments hit way harder today?

It's become difficult to trust other people these days?

We are going through one of the strangest times in human history. Scientists, experts agree that the effects of this pandemic have been emotionally devastating: fear, uncertainty, loneliness, fatigue, mood swings are everywhere, and they can kick in when least expected.

A new and very unhealthy standard has taken possession of our "new normal”. We are carrying this weight as we perform our daily activities, as we interact with others, as we try to make decisions and plans. And it is robbing us of our energy, our optimism, our trust in ourselves and others. Of the very things that we need to move forward.

Are you experiencing any of these symptoms?






It's real. It's happening. And we are here to help.

The Map of your Traps is our answer to these uncertain times. Maybe we don't know what lays ahead. But we can start getting ready for this critical transition NOW. And the first step is making sure that we stop falling in the daily traps that are putting our physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing in danger


The Map of Your Traps is designed to bring you the grounding needed in this trying period. This map will help avoid your daily pitfalls and recover the energy, the optimism, and the sense of agency you have been missing in these months. In short, it will make you ready to face the challenges and seize the opportunities of today.

The Map of Your Traps is the wellbeing tool that will lift you up today and sustain you from now on


FEEL STRONGER every morning

FEEL CALM when you go to sleep

FEEL READY to face the future

EMBRACE LIFE with full intensity