About Ernesto Estrella

Ernesto Estrella is the Director of the Nomadic School of the Senses and the creator of the revolutionary Pi Point Method. He is also an educator, published author, voice expert, and poet. 

With a Ph.D. from Columbia University,  he has been a Contemporary Poetry professor at Yale University. In 2015, he founded the Nomadic School of the Senses with his brother, Communications expert Carlos Estrella. Ernesto has been a featured speaker in leading educational and cultural institutions such as Amherst Great Books, The Academy for Teachers, Thoreau Society, Instituto Cervantes, and Goethe Institut. 


Since the creation of the School, he devotes his life to help individuals and organizations realign with their mission and incorporate winning habits into their daily activities. 

But let Ernesto himself tell you the whole story.

Birth of a School

Poetry has mysterious ways if you are loyal to it.


As I was starting my Literature studies back in Granada, names such as Columbia, Yale, Harvard, clung like a distant symphony of American prestige. Little did I know that after leaving Europe, my academic career would make those IVY league names part of my daily life. 

First as a Ph.D. student at Columbia, then as a Poetry professor at Yale, I was always hungry to expand my reach beyond the classroom, beyond the articles and the books. My courses at Yale had names like Poetry Off The Page,  and as I convinced my students about poetry's power to transform the way we think and look around, I started to feel the need to brings those same ideas beyond the libraries of a small elite. Eventually, off the page I went myself. I said goodbye to Yale, to financial security and social recognizition,and started to explore paths that would allow me to reach people beyond academia. 

My friends and family would've been concerned if they didn't know me well. But I have a tendency to take the road less traveled. And now, I was building the road myself. It was around this time that the idea of creating my own school took shape. I wanted to reach everyone, everywhere. So my school had to be Nomadic. It had to be Sensitive to different contexts and cultures. And it had to be Profoundly Democratic.  

And so, the Nomadic School of the Senses was born.

Birth of a Method

Here's a confession: I am actually a Science major. 

Only my high school friends and close family know this fact. And the truth is I never lost my passion for Science, Mathematics especially. So in the deep dive that followed my decision to create a method, my whole scientific background started to emerge naturally. 

And still, the Eureka, I got it! moment came quite casually, in a talk with my brother, Carlos Estrella. We had been collaborating for some months already. This time I had some drawings of circles, diagrams, and the name Pi Point Method scribbled here and there.   

Love it. The Pi Point: Your Scalable Point! 

That is what he said. For every good idea, he always has a great context. And that is when it really hit. We had in our hands a superb tool for growth, one that felt real and reenergizing. And then real work started. 

Since 2015, our holistic method has proved essential for individuals and organizations to navigate difficult transitions. We have also created award-winning programs for cultural and governmental institutions all across the globe. And, still, as the new reality of 2020 hit our lives in ways never thought of before, we decided to get even more practical

With The Map of Your Traps, we have conjured up the key elements of our Pi Point Method to address the new challenges of 2020. There is an urgency to this program. But there is also a long-term commitment to provide this new generation with guidance and tools for the uncertain times that are yet to come. Our message is simple. You are not alone in this. And, luckily, neither am I.


Meet Carlos Estrella, our Director of Communications.


Hi, I am Carlos Estrella

Communication is the main currency between humans. 


Like beloved American educator Mister Rogers, I believe that everything that is mentionable is manageable. I also happen to believe that there is no limit to what we can do and who we can be. But many of us lack the language that would allow us to speak to our truest self and share it with the world.


This is why I have dedicated my life to Communication


As a journalist working for one of Spain’s biggest media outlets, I specialized in celebrity interviews: Lady Gaga, Kristen Stewart, Enrique Iglesias, Tim Burton, you name it. But I never spoke to celebrities. I spoke to humans. And, through the cracks in their public personae, I often found dreams, hopes, aspirations that remained unrealized, even unmentioned. 


Also, as a Marketing and Communications consultant, I have helped companies and institutions remain true to their values and sensitive to their audiences in every message, in every interaction, both on and offline. 


With the Pi Point Method, we managed to create a holistic language that applies to all communicative contexts, from the personal to the professional, from friends and family to co-workers, clients, and audiences. A method that makes our everyday actions and interactions an expression of our truest selves. Our method has worked for individuals and organizations of a very diverse nature. So we have decided to bring it up to scale. 


The Map of Your Traps is the result of this commitment.


The Nomadic School of the Senses was founded in 2015 by Ernesto Estrella, a Columbia doctoral graduate and former Yale professor with an extended career in the educational and artistic fields. The School's management team was soon completed by Marketing & Communications expert Carlos Estrella. 


Our mission is simple and urgent: helping individuals and organizations navigate difficult transitions and reconnect with their mission

The Nomadic School of the Senses

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