customized journey

Do you have a goal in life that just seems too hard to reach? Talk to me. Together, we will make that dream a reality. With 8 One-on-One Sessions, daily Accountability Checks, and a personalized Mission Plan, your CUSTOMIZED JOURNEY is the shortest, healthiest, most effective path to the life you want to live. 

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1. Your Strongest Self

Every Customized Journey is anchored in what makes YOU strong. So my mission during these sessions is to find those strong points and reinforce them in different ways. Early in our work, I will establish the first practical steps that can make your goal a natural presence in your day.


2. Healthy Goals

In your sessions, along with the goal-oriented tasks we will be working on, you will receive practical tips for daily health. It is essential for me to help my clients feel grounded. With me, your work on your goal or mission, regardless of what it is, will ALWAYS be connected with the acquisition and implementation of healthy habits.

3. Your Mission Plan

The roadmap that lays at the core of your Customized Journey is your Mission Plan. This plan will display the tasks that need to be fulfilled, along with healthy habits reminders, and a view into your next steps once you have wrapped up your intensive Journey.


4. Accountability Checks

Since the moment you sign up with me for a Customized Journey, I will do all that is in my hand to make you accomplish your goal. I will also do all I can to make you feel at your best and do it in the fastest time possible. This means I will be available for brief daily checkups (text, email) whenever is needed. Small doubts or thoughts can up during your day, as you are checking your task. And I want to be there to help you  move faster!


5. Tangible Results

I can assure you now. Each and every one of your 8 sessions will leave you energized, closer to your goal. But I love the idea of suggesting a final outcome, a specific accomplishment, as the closing act of your Customized Journey. So your last session often has the shape of a presentation, something that will show your work to the world.

breakthrough call

Can't commit to a Customized Journey right now? Don't worry. Book a 120-minute Breakthrough Call and get a fast eye-opening experience. This intensive one-on-one session will address what is bothering you and bring you perspective on the things that make your life meaningful.  

1. Immediate Results

For 120 minutes you will have my full attention. I will listen carefully to you. I will ask all the necessary questions to assess where they are and where they want to be. Already during the conversation, I will detect and point out obstacles, whether real or imaginary, and make sure to clean up the path so you can start work on your goal the moment we hang up.


2. Comprehensive Evaluation

Within 30 minutes of our call, you will receive a comprehensive evaluation of your situation. I will point out your strongest options, suggest alternatives, and underline the obstacles that might hinder your path. This document takes off from notes and observations that appeared in our talk, but also provide some general strategies to better implement your objectives.


3. Action Plan

Within two days of our call, you will get a 1-month plan that is suited to the real situation you are dealing with. This plan will include advice and milestones connected to your goal, along with guidelines for a healthy work-life balance. At this point, you will be invited to upgrade to a Customized Journey program. By signing up, you will be taking the most efficient path to ensure that your goal becomes a reality in the shortest time possible.